Our speedriding courses start up with a two day basic course. This includes theory, ground handling and speedriding practices. Mostly we will do the course outdoors, but in case of bad weather we extend the theory indoors. After the course it might be possible to extend the course for more training.

To join this course you need to have experience from skydiving, we recommend minimum 200 jumps, or paragliding (student) and also be a good skier, able to ski off-pist and steep (black) pists. The course is not suitable for those without previous experience. If you are still interested but doesn’t have the experience, come and join the Monday seminar to learn more and we can help you how to get started. 

Gear is included in the price. If you want to bring your own it has to be approved by our instructors for safety reasons. We also offer good deals on gear for pre-order and orders during the week.

After the course it can be possible to extend the course for more training.

Packing list:
Ski clothes, helmet, goggles, finger gloves, skis, ski-boots and a warm jacket. A bottle of water and snacks is good complements as you will get bot tired and sweaty.