Prices and booking details

The accommodation package gives you the best deal and the full ESG experience. The hotel is the heart of the event. Every morning we start with breakfast buffé at the restaurant. Thereafter meet up in our conference room Backsalen just next door to start up course or meet up before getting out in the mountains. The days are full of activities of your own choice. At the evening we eat dinner together at the restaurant. The evenings also offers more chilled activities, like inspiring lectures, ice bath, sauna or just great hang-out in the bar telling crazy stories with new and old friends.

Most activities are booked through the booking calendar and this will create the main plan for your week. Most of our activities are very depending on the right weather conditions, so therefor we made some space in the calendar to be more flexible. We recommend our guest to stay the whole week of ESG in case we have to reschedule due to the weather. All pre-bookings have priority to the booked activities. Drop ins are welcome if there are free slots available.


Accommodation ESG Package
Monday April 10 to Sunday April 16
Price per person in shared double room.
This gives you discount on activities.
Read about all details here
6895 SEK
Add extra night, Sunday April 9 – Monday April 10
Includes breakfast on Monday morning.
670 SEK
Upgrade to single room, three bed room or family room.Prices on request


ActivitiesStandard pricesPrices with ESG Package Accommodation
SPEEDRIDE COURSE, two days coaching2900 SEK2500 SEK
– Gear rental* harness. Per day400 SEK300 SEK
– Gear rental* wing. Per day800 SEK700 SEK
SNOWKITE COURSE, per day incl. gear *2650 SEK2250 SEK
– Only coaching, per day. For experienced kiter with own gear1450 SEK1250 SEK
-Add Photo/Video by frefall photographer1250 SEK1150 SEK
– Add Handycam950 SEK850 SEK
Skydive funjump (licensed skydiver)450 SEK 400 SEK
HELISKINot availableNot available
TOP TOURING with guideWe’re working on it!We’re working on it!
SNOW MOBILE TOURRead more hereNot available
SKI PASS Go to Tärnaby AlpintNot available
* Gear rental is limited and prior to the course participants.